Get Healthy and Fit with Plant-Based Nutrition

What is plant-based nutrition? Is it vegetarianism? Is it being a vegan? Is the Mediterranean diet plant based? And what about the keto and paleo diets? Where to begin!

Let’s cut to the chase: will eating a whole foods, plant-based diet help me lose weight??
To answer the last question: oh, YES! It can also: end diabetes/hypertension/high cholesterol…you name it. On top of all that, it can help you live longer while keeping that weight off for GOOD.

What is the SCIENCE behind it and how does it all work anyway?

This year (at this moment!) I am attending the 7th International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference. After going to last year’s event, I immediately marked my calendar to attend in 2019. And here I am! Learning even more than I learned last year. This is THE BEST medical conference, hands down. (Oh, and they feed you each meal while it’s in session!) Most medical conferences I attend, as a primary care doc, are reviews and updates. This conference does all that and upgrades my medical expertise.

The science behind plant-based eating is mind-blowing. It has been under our noses ALL this time. Yet (fad) diets run rampant! Truth time – the science and data do not lie.

No “diet” is as beneficial as plant-based foods for curing disease, protecting your brain and heart, preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s, or losing and KEEPING OFF unnecessary (and unhealthy) weight. The list GOES ON. In fact, high protein and fatty diets can encourage cancer growth AND cause you to have diabetes in the long run.

That’s it for now! Off to learn more about the evidence of health promoting (and beautifying!) foods. I’ll be absorbing, synthesizing, and sharing all the cutting edge science and medicine I learned this week. Stay tuned as I share the latest, here and on IG @holisticdoctormom. -Dr. L

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