The Attitude of Gratitute

Hi friends!

That time of year has rolled in again: the Halloween candy rush/crash, pumpkin spice lattes, and Ugg boots. Yes, you can laugh at me because I wore these boots to drop off the boys this morning – it was 65 degrees. Brrrrr! We’re surviving near tundra conditions in LA! Somehow.


Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Of course, a big theme this month is gratitude. There are so many benefits to practicing gratitude EVERY DAY: 

*Enhanced relationships

*Better physical and psychological health

*More empathy and less aggression

*Better sleep

*Better self-


*Increased mental strength


Do you have those moments when the day is super-hectic, a situation nearly explodes, and it works itself out or someone else helps you take care of it? My first thought in those moments is: “Thank God!”. Then I thank the person who had my back (usually my husband because he is super-awesome!). Those “in the moment” spazzy situations happen to me ALL the time. Of course when they do, I express my sincere, gushing gratitude to that someone who was looking out.

In the last month or so I started a DAILY gratitude practice, not tied to situations or events (or holidays, ahem). Every morning, I write down a few things I am grateful for. Sometimes it is something really deep: “I am grateful I had amazing doctors who took great care of me when I had my stroke last summer.” Somedays it goes something like this: “I am grateful for this cup of coffee.”

A few months ago, I read the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, after a running buddy suggested it. He lists and explains the benefits of 6 habits to include in your morning routine: meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journalling. Doing them first thing, he writes, helps you get on track to having better energy, focus, and motivation for the day – and eventually you transform your life. Simply looking at his blog is energizing!! Check it out to see the other habits:


One of the 6 habits is “scribing” or journalling. After reading various articles about practicing gratitude and its health benefits, like this one

I decided to incorporate gratitude into my daily TMM journalling practice. At first, I was writing it in a little corner on the daily page of my main planner. Soon enough, I began to feel like my gratitude list deserved a little more space than that! 

To give my gratitude practice the space it deserves, I made a Daily Gratitude planner printable. I designed it to form a small half-letter sized booklet, so that it lives in the same notebook cover as my Hobonichi planner. You can print out several sheets of the half letter, and make a Gratitude booklet. Here I tucked a few pages into my half letter notebook as a demo:

Daily Gratitud A5 IRL


I also designed a letter size insert:

Daily Gratitude IRL Letter

Both can be printed double sided (if your printer has duplex, or double sided print function), and can be used with either ring planners (like Filofax A5) or disc bound planners (like Staples’ Arc, pictured above).


Grab your downloads here if you want to try it in your planner or notebook:

Gratitude Printable Insert – Letter Size

Gratitude Insert – Half Letter Size


I hope you enjoy the insert, and please share your feedback with me! Should I make it in other sizes for the shop??

Xo, Lynn


P.S. My gratitude journalling this morning included this about my 8 year old

“…he walked into the costume shop, looked around, and said ‘I think I’ll stick with last year’s costume’” So grateful to have a child who knows what he likes, and is not sucked into the commercial hype of buying new things every season!

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