The “Journey to Launch” Podcast: from listener to guest

Hi everyone! I am so excited and honored to be featured on the first Journeyer Profile episode of the podcast “Journey to Launch” with Jamila Souffrant!

Journey To Launch My photo

A key part of health and wellness is personal finance. Your health is your wealth! In a recent post I mention my favorite podcast “Journey to Launch”. The host is a blogger, educator, podcaster, and financial expert named Jamila Souffrant. Oh, and did I mention she is a mom of 3 young kids?! She and her husband are on the road to financial independence. Check out Jamila’s website to learn how they saved $85,000 in a year on their FI journey, and for links to her awesome podcast:


You can also find the podcast on any listening app by searching “Journey to Launch”. The podcast is so motivating! I completed the personal finance course offered on Jamila’s website, then joined a group coaching session with her. In those sessions, I learned through practice how important and beneficial it is to track your expenses. I even designed my own planner inserts for tracking spending!

CLICK HERE to get the Expenses printable free!


I designed a collection of financial planner inserts to help keep my expenses and savings on point. These inserts work as a system, using the methods I learned in Jamila’s courses and sessions. I found that staying on top of a budget and tracking spending can literally save you thousands of dollars in weeks to months. See the inserts I made that can help you do that too:

Click here to purchase Finance inserts at my Etsy shop


If you would like to see more on how I budget in my planner and about my own financial independence journey, sign up for my weekly newsletter

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where I will share  planning tips and free printable planner pages and health trackers. You’ll get updates from the blog as I share  from my stroke and optimize my wellness!


Yours truly,

Dr. Lynn

The Holistic Doctor Mom

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