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Mom. Wife. Doctor. Entrepreneur. STROKE SURVIVOR.

Where to begin…Hi I’m Lynn. I’m based in southern California, living the city life in year-round sunshine with my hubby, 10 yo, 8 yo (both boys! Oh boy), and our fur baby rescue dog of 14 years.

Last year, in June 2017, I suffered a massive (cerebellar) stroke. It was sudden and unexpected. I went from a vacation back East, to a capoeira session, to seeing 3-4 patients an hour in a busy family medicine clinic, to lying half comatose in an ICU bed within a matter of days. With the care of my amazing doctors and support from my family, I miraculously made it home after over a week in the hospital. While I was in the beginning stages of my stroke recovery (2017-2018), I found that journaling helped me reflect and grow with the major changes that were happening in my life.

This blog is an extension of that creative, healing outlet. After the stroke, I had suddenly lost some of my independence, as well as my ability to earn income. Bolstered by the love and support of my family, especially my husband and kids, I steadily came through a difficult period of my life. That recovery transformed me. It has been an intense year of regaining a semblance of “normalcy” in my life. I know that the road will be endless – I am just getting started.

In many ways I am stronger now, despite having a stroke and “losing” a year of my life. In that year, I gained clarity, purpose, and strength. I hope that what you find here will give you pause, help you reflect, and find your inner strength when the going gets tough.

I’ll share how I found and continue to find my inner strength while recovering from a stroke, eating healthy, keeping physically active, and staying on top of my home and finances.  I encourage you to pause and think about what you can do to optimize your wellness, heal from illness, and sustain your health and well-being. Grow your knowledge, inner strength, and wellness with me on my journey!