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Wife. Mom. Doctor. Entrepreneur…


Where to begin…Hi, I’m Lynn. I live in Los Angeles with my hubby, our 10 year old and 8 year old (both boys! Oh boy), and our 15 year old fur baby rescue dog.
I suffered a massive, unexpected (cerebellar) stroke in June 2017. At the age of 43. In a matter of 3 days I went from a lakeside house in upstate New York, to lying half comatose in a hospital bed in the ICU. Between the trip home from lake house and the ICU, I hustled through the daily grind. As all working moms do. I flew cross country. I trained capoeira (did lots of kicks and cartwheels!). Next day I weent to clinic and saw 12+ patients in the morning. On my lunch break, I DROVE myself home with a pounding headache. Imagine me speeding down the freeway sick as a dog, head spinning, hurling into my lunch tote.  A few hours later I was in the ER.
Nine nights and 10 days later, I made it back home.
My fantastic doctors and family literally SAVED MY LIFE! But the game wasn’t over. Rehab started immediately. I grunted through countless exercise reps in daily rehab that fall. When I could sit down and rest, I found that journaling helped me reflect and grow during a seismic life event. This website is an extension of my daily brain-growth journal.
Writing (and talking!) is my creative, healing outlet. Having a stroke meant losing my independence. I also lost income because I couldn’t go back to work. I bottomed out. My friends and family gave me FIERCE support. “Blessed” can’t begin to explain how it felt. They helped me forged ahead through a dark and intense period of my life.That year, my healing mindset shifted to a thrive mindset.
My  recovery transformed me.
Yes, I “lost” a year of my life. What did I GAIN?  In that year I gained clarity, purpose, and strength. Surviving a stroke tested my courage and determination. I hope that what  you find when you hang with me here will give you pause and a chance to reflect. I want YOU to  connect with your inner super hero when the going gets tough.
Who HASN’T struggled in this life?? (no hands raised, I see!)  Who doesn’t feel like they’re always treading water. I strive to eat healthy, keep active, and take care of myself and family so that we are all happy and thriving. Meanwhile, it is a PROJECT to stay on top of my home and finances. Optimizing our lives takes intention and hard work. I KNEW all that before I had a stroke, and now I am LIVING it. Join me on this journey as I share tips and reflections on how I do #allthethings!


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