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Hi, I’m Doctor Lynn. I live in Los Angeles with my hubby, our 11 year old and 9 year old boys, and our tween-er (Chinatown) rescue turtle. I’m a dark chocolate fiend, West Virginia native, and aspiring plant-based home cook.

Why I write: I suffered a massive, unexpected (cerebellar) stroke in June 2017. At the age of 43. In a matter of 3 days I went from a lakeside house in upstate New York, to lying half comatose in a Neuro ICU in LA. Between the trip home from NY and the ICU later that week, I hustled through the daily grind. As all working moms do.

So, in a span of 4 days: I flew cross country. I trained capoeira (did lots of kicks and cartwheels!). Did the mom dance, including shuttling the boys to and fro. AND, fresh from vacation, I went to clinic and saw 12+ patients my first morning back. On my lunch break, I DROVE myself home with a pounding headache. Imagine speeding down the freeway sick as a dog, head spinning, hurling into a lunch tote. That was me, HAVING A STROKE. A few hours later I was in the ER.

Nine nights and 10 days later, I made it back home.
My fantastic doctors and family literally SAVED MY LIFE! But the game wasn’t over. Rehab started immediately. I grunted through countless exercise reps in daily OT and PT that fall. When I could sit down and rest, I found that journaling helped me reflect and grow during a seismic life event. This website is an extension of my daily brain-growth journal.
Refocusing on my health is a HUGE theme in the 2 years since my stroke. In just the past 8 months: I CURED my pre-diabetes with a plant heavy diet, regular capoeira workouts, and stress reduction through daily meditation. And of course, loving on and feeling the love from my family and friends. They are everything.

This year I am rejuvenating my career, by learning all there is to know about Lifestyle Medicine. I will soon be board-certified in this exciting field and emerging specialty. The inspiration to do so comes from reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and optimizing my diet with plant based foods. My stroke recovery is a TRUE testament to the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle!

Next stop in my journey: sharing the wealth of knowledge and science behind Lifestyle Medicine with my family and community. I want them (and you!) to have optimal health too – so that you can all live as healthy and happy as humanly possible.

-Dr. Lynn

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ps. I love that you’re here, and adore you for reading this far. Please note: the information on this website is for education purposes only, and is not intended to serve as medical advice. Please get in touch with your doctor for any and all medical and health related issues you may have.

Best, Dr. Lynn